Seattle Style – @Kathy_Writer


I was lucky enough to spend time with the appealing Kathy, a writer visiting from Los Angeles. I took her to Shiku Sushi in Ballard for lunch, and Kathy brought the fashion as you can see! The green color just look so brilliant, and the accessories were worn perfect (also the nail polish). The Liebeskind Berlin bag was hot! And the H Hudson open toed shoes are fabulous! Kathy, it was great spending time with you and I look forward to further rendezvous. Thank you.



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  1. Thanks for featuring me here, John! I’m flattered and honored. Thanks for saying all those wonderful things about me and making me look good with your photography skills. You ROCK!!! 🙂

  2. Love the blue jewels against the green dress, and I NEED those heels! Such a cute look 🙂

  3. Thanks for featuring the uber-gorgeous @Kathy_Writer on your blog! I so admire her sense of style, and your lens captured that perfectly!

  4. Seriously, stylishly sexy! Wish I could look like that! =)

  5. She’s Absolutely Stunning!!!

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